Zinc Plating of Steel Fittings for a Hydraulic Hose Application

A customer from the automotive/agriculture industry approached Elm Plating Company to apply a protective corrosion-resistant coating to steel fittings that are used within hydraulic hoses in a variety of applications. The high-volume applications required a 0.07-0.19 coefficient-of-friction and had to also assure the ability of the component parts to achieve corrosion performance after crimping the parts onto the hose. The solution we derived from several DOE trials was to apply a 0.0002"-0.0004" zinc trivalent clear chromate with an integrated lubricant in an improved barrel rotation cycle. The process proved capable and repeatable in regards to the COF, corrosion resistance and plating thickness requirements of our customer’s supplied specifications and testing standards. After proving the process out on several different families of fittings, our customer approved us as their primary plating source for all of their applications.

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All-Metal Fittings
All-Metal Fittings

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Zinc Plating Project Highlights

Project Name
Steel Fittings
Product Description
These zinc plated fittings are used within hydraulic hose applications.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Zinc Plating
  • Zinc Tri Clear Seal
Equipment Used to Plate Part
Automated Barrel Zinc Electrodeposit Line
Overall Part Dimensions
Coating Thickness: .0002"-.0004" mils
Length: .795"
Hex Width: .688"
Tightest Tolerances
COF 0.07-0.19
Material Used
Material Finish
Trivalent Clear Chromate + Integrated Lubricant Seal
In process testing performed
Salt-Spray Testing
  • Tested for 96 hours to white corrosion
  • Tested for 360 hours to red rust
Industry for Use
High Volume, Multi-Part
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications
ASTM B117-09-Salt Spray Testing
Delivery Location
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