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Zinc Barrel Plating Services

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At Elm Plating Company, our focus on zinc plating makes us an industry leader. We offer our customers the best in zinc and chromate plating in a wide range of colors and thicknesses. Our automated barrel zinc plating equipment is perfect for your all-metal fasteners and stampings, and Elm Plating's 3 batch ovens and 1 continuous bake oven run at 400° F ±25°F for 4 hours, which provides your carbon steel and cast iron components with superior zinc plating and full protection against hydrogen embrittlement stress cracking concerns.

We also offer great post-plate operations like chromating, integrated lubricants, wax, seals, passivation and centrifugal drying. Our testing and inspection abilities allow us to guarantee that your fasteners and stampings will meet or exceed the industry's toughest standards, including TS16949 certification and CQI-11 compliance. Plus, we offer lead times of only 3-5 days, and our logistics, trucking, invoicing and price quotes derive value-added benefits to our customers.

For more information about our industry leading zinc plating, see the details below. To learn more about all of our other services, please contact Elm Plating today.

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Chromate Plating
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Zinc Barrel Plating

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Past Projects

Zinc Barrel Plating Services Capabilities

Plating Material Zinc & Chromate
Clear (silver iridescent)
Blue-Bright (silver)
Substrate-Metal Carbon Steels
Cast Iron
Zinc Plating Processes Electro Deposit
Zinc Plating Equipment Barrel
Automation Capabilities Computerized Process Control
Mechanical Sorting
Hydrogen Embrittlement Baking 3 Batch Ovens
1 Continuous Bake Oven
Temperature 400 °F ±25°F for 4-24 hours
Surface Preperation Operations In-Line Cleaning
  • Pre-Rinse
  • Acid Pickling
  • Post-Rinse
Top Coats
Torque Integrated Lubricant (TNT15)
Torque Tension Fluids and Seals
High Corrosion Resistance (JS500)
Coefficient of Friction (No Lubricant) .20 to .40
Coefficient of Friction (For Wax) .09 to .12
Coefficient of Friction (For TNT15) .11 to .17
Post-plate Operations
Centrifugal Drying
Testing Ability
Coating Thickness
Corrosion Resistance (Salt Spray)
Torque Tension
Chemical Titration
Test Labs USA (commercial testing facility)
Plating Thickness 3 to 25 µm
Material Thickness 2mm and up
Part Length Up to 200 mm
Part Diameter M5 to M36
Part Weight Up to 1.5 lb
Full Service Laboratory
Plating Thickness
Salt Spray
Intended Application
All-Metal Fasteners All-Metal Stampings
Additional Services
Production Volume
High Volume Prototype Leading to Production
Typical Lead Times Available
3 days (Single Process) 5 days (Dual Process)
6 semis and one cargo van 200 mile radius of Jackson, Michigan

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