Sorting / Packaging & Assembly

At Elm Plating, our focus has always been to continue our progressive expansion into new service offerings as our customers’ needs evolve and requirements change.  To this end, on September 1, 2016, our Sorting/Packaging division became the 5th business unit launched in the 65-year history of the company!  This business unit integration was a natural progression in our value-added strategy to be the best-of-class and most respected bulk applicator in the Midwest.    

Our lead times are only 3-4 days for a standard order, with options to drop-ship and bar code label being developed in 2017 to afford our customers time-saving options for their demanding time constraints.  If other requests are posed by our customers to assist in the overall process of sorting/packaging, Elm Plating will work with you to design, develop and integrate the processes to accommodate these requests.

For more information about our sorting/packaging services, see the details below. You can also contact us via phone or email today to learn more about our capabilities or to request we consider a new service opportunity on your behalf!

Sorting and Packaging Services
Sorting and Packaging Services
Packaging Process
Packaging Process

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Sorting / Packaging & Assembly Highlights

Current Sorting Methods
Gauge Sort
Future Sorting Methods
Eddy Current
Magnaflux as high volume opportunities presnet themselves
Part Types
Parts of all sizes and Shapes weighing less than 1.0 Lb. per piece
Packaging Types
Individualy Wrapped
Returnable Totes
Part Lengths
Maximum of 18.00" in overall length
No Limitations
Production Volumes
No Limitations
8 Semi-Trailers and (1) Cargo Van.
150 Mile radius of Jackson, Michigan
Each job quoted individually
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