Heat Treating & Doerken Dip Spin Coating Hex Flange Studs for the Automotive Industry

Aggressively embracing the latest technologies in both metal finishing and heat treating is part of what keeps Elm Plating Company successful. This steel hex flange stud for an automotive industry customer highlights our ability to combine services and offer a single-source solution for specialty finishing any type of part.

This part requires both heat treating and Doerken dip spin finishing, a microlayer corrosion protection system designed to protect parts from enormous stresses. Manufactured from 10B21 steel, this two-piece part has an overall length of 2.705", stud O.D. of .350", nut O.D. of .819", and butt hex width of .506". On a rapid 5-day turnaround, we heat-treated to a Rc 22-32 hardness, then applied the high-performance Doerken dip spin coating, ideal for high strength fasteners since it eliminates the need for acid cleaning prior to finishing. To ensure the requirements of WSS-M21P42-A3 are met, samples underwent 840 hours of salt-spray testing conducted in an onsite ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

Having advanced technology equipment and a highly trained staff that knows how to use it gives Elm Plating the competitive advantage to rapidly and cost-effectively process 430,000 units of this part annually, saving our customer both time and money. Our Doerken dip spin finishing capabilities have been so successful that we opened an exclusive facility to handle our Dörken Delta-MKS® applications, guaranteeing superior quality work with rapid turnarounds that meet the demands of any application.

Steel Hex Flange Stud
Steel Hex Flange Stud

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Heat Treatment & Doerken dip Spin Coating Project Highlights

Product Name
Steel Hex Flange Stud
Product Description
This heat treated and coated stud is used within an automotive application.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Heat Treatment
  • Heat Treat to Rc 22-32
Doerken (Dörken) Dip Spin Coating
  • Zinc Plate Chromate
Overall Part Dimensions
Overall Length: 2.705"
Stud O.D.: Ø.350"
Nut O.D.: Ø.819"
But Hex Width: .506"
Material Used
10B21 Steel
Material Finish
In process testing performed
Salt-Spray Testing
  • Test for 840 Hours
Industry for Use
Standards Met
Customer supplied specifications
WSS-M21P42-A3-Salt Spray/Coating
WA950-8.8-Heat Treat
Delivery Location
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