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Anodizing Services

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At Elm Plating Company, our computer controlled anodizing services offer our customers the best hard anodic coatings. Clients from the automotive, furniture and construction industries trust Elm Plating to harden the aluminum in their internal engine, transmission and tooling components. Our coatings can be applied as thin as .0010" and as thick as .0025", and we have a full service laboratory that will test your components for abrasion resistance, hardness and microstructure.

We feature quick turnaround times, can handle everything from prototypes to high volume orders and nothing leaves our facilities without meeting or exceeding your industry's toughest standards. Industry giants like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler come to Elm Plating for their anodizing: we offer only the best in quality and service.

For more information about our anodizing services, please see the details below. To learn about our other services, contact Elm Plating today.

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Anodizing Services
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Anodizing Racks

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Past Projects

Anodizing Services Capabilities

Anodizing Processes Electrolytic Passivation - Hard Anodic Coating
Automation Capabilities Computer Controlled Process
Equipment Rack Tanks
Substrate Aluminum Alloys (6061 Series)
Application Hardening of Aluminum
MIL-A-8625F Type III, Class I
Hard Anodic
Non Dyed
Loading Packaging Bulk Containers
Returnable Containers
Pre-Plate Operations Pre Clean
Post-Plate Operations Rinsed
Maximum Coating Thickness .0025 in
Minimum Coating Thickness .0010 in
Testing Ability
Abrasion Resistance
Coating Thickness
Coating Weight
Salt Spray
Full Service Laboratory
Microstructure Analysis

Physical Testing
Intended Application
Internal Engine Components
Transmission Components
Tooling Components
Additional Services
Production Volume High Volume
Prototype Leading to Production
Typical Lead Times Available 3 days (Single Process)
Trucking 6 semis and one cargo van
200 mile radius of Jackson, Michigan

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